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Custom fields

What are custom fields?

Custom fields let you store arbitrary data on leads. It can be used for many different purposes... they are "custom" to you!

There are many ways in which custom fields can prove to be useful. You can sync your internal database with our system, label leads in a specific industry/vertical, assign leads to particular reps, store some meta data that could be relevant during a sales call, etc. The exact use case depends on what you're trying to accomplish, but the flexibility of our custom fields combined with their smart layer of validation empowers you to store all the relevant data in one place.

Custom fields are scattered all around, but there are main three main ways in which you interact with them:

  1. You view and edit custom field values on the lead page:

  2. You search for specific custom field values (or value ranges) on the search page:

  3. You create/rename/merge/remove custom fields and pick their types on the Customizations Settings page:

How do I create a custom field?

The easiest way to set up new Custom Fields in is to use the Customizations Settings page (click on your name/picture in the top-right corner and choose Settings -> Customizations). Custom Fields are located near the bottom of the Customizations page. You can create, rename, merge, remove, and change types of custom fields from that page.

After your custom fields are created, you can start populating their values for each lead on the lead page. Simply click the "+ add" button next to "Custom Fields" in the bottom-left of a lead page.

From there, you will be able to add values to existing fields as well as create brand new fields.

How do I search for leads matching a specific custom field value?

Two ways:

From a lead page, hover over a custom field and click the magnifying glass icon to see other leads with the same custom field value.

From the Leads search result page, expand and use the "Custom Fields" section in the right sidebar.

What types of custom fields are there?

For convenience and easier searching and reporting, we provide you with a few different types of Custom Fields:

  • Text: plain text field with no validation or structure.
  • Choices: a dropdown of predefined choices. Admins can set up all the possible choices this field can contain ahead of time.
  • Number: a text field that only accepts numeric values (including numbers with decimal places).
  • Date: a text field that only accepts a date. In edit-mode you'll get a nice date picker widget and in read-mode the date will be formatted.
  • Date/Time: a field that requires both a date and a time. In edit-mode you'll get a nice date and time picker widgets and in read-mode the date and time will be formatted.
  • Hidden: a field that's never displayed in the UI, but can be useful for API integrations. Accepts any data type from JSON, including lists and objects.

Can I change the type of an existing custom field?

Yes, you can. Head over to Settings -> Customizations and click on an "Edit" button next to the custom field you're interested in. Choose the desired new type from the "Type" dropdown. Hidden custom fields are the only ones that can't be changed (however, they can still be renamed or deleted).

Can I search, sort, and filter leads by any custom field value?

Hidden fields are not searchable at all. Text/Choices custom fields support exact search only (e.g. custom.Industry:IT), whereas Number/Date/Datetime fields can be sorted by, and filtered by a range of values (e.g. custom.Number > 0 custom.Number < 100 sort:-custom.Number).

Can anybody create, edit, merge, and delete custom fields?

No, these actions are restricted to organization admins only.

How do I rename a choice custom field?

Checkout this help article:

Can I create new custom fields straight from the lead details page?

Yes, if you're an admin.