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Changing my outgoing Caller ID number

When making calls with, your primary phone number appears to callers in their Caller ID. This allows people receiving your calls to call you back at the phone number that rings inside (or forwards if you're not online).

We don't currently support setting your Caller ID "Name" (CNAM).

We do, however, allow you to change your Caller ID number to a number other than your primary phone number. For example, if your sales team has a shared phone number then you can choose to make your outgoing calls come from this number, so that people returning your calls will call into the main phone number rather than calling back your personal number.

All of the following are possible, and are explained in more detail below. You can make outgoing calls appearing from phone numbers including your...
  • personal phone number
  • Any phone number that you ported into
  • A main company or sales phone number that is a Group Number
  • Your personal cell phone number
  • Your work phone number
  • A main company or sales phone number provided by any other external system, e.g. Grasshopper

If you have multiple numbers associated with your account, you can change the active outgoing caller ID number at any time in the Phone Settings popover, like this:

If you're a member of a Group Number, your group number will appear as an option here alongside your personal/individual phone number. At any time switch your active outgoing caller ID number between your personal phone number and your Group Number. 

Additionally, you can get numbers added as additional options, for example your cell phone or company phone number. These phone numbers which aren't controlled by are called "external" numbers. 

To add an external phone number to your available Caller ID options, email support@close.ioYou'll need to be able to prove that you / your company owns and controls this phone number. Once you've done that, we'll set it up and then you'll be able to choose to call "from" that number at any time. Similarly, you may set up a "Group External Number" (also created by contacting Support) so that your entire team can have the same number as their Caller ID.