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Call Quality Indicator (CQI)

The Call Quality Indicator (CQI) is a visual indicator that there may be an issue with your call audio quality. These issues are often the result of network quality or hardware problems. 

What does it mean when I see the CQI?

Seeing the CQI doesn’t mean that the person you are calling is having trouble hearing you, but it can be an early indicator that there is an issue with your network connection or headset hardware.

What types of warnings can I see in the CQI?

In total, there are 5 warnings that the CQI shows:

High RTT​

Seeing this warning can indicate that when you talk, the person you are calling may hear you with a delay. To learn more about RTT (latency), see

High Jitter

This warning indicates that you may by experiencing choppy audio and other distortions. To learn more about jitter, see

High Packet Loss

This warning also indicates that you may be experiencing choppy audio and other distortions. To learn more about packet loss, see


This warning indicates that your network may not be suitable for calling. This can happen if you switch from a wired network connection to a wireless connection, or if there is an increase in the number of users calling on your network. To learn more about MOS, see

Check Your Headset

This warning is shown when we don’t detect any sound from your microphone for 20 seconds or more. It may be shown if you are silent for 20 seconds.

How can I fix issues that I see in the CQI?

Steps to Troubleshoot Headset Issues

  • The first step is to restart
  • If restarting doesn’t work, try restarting your computer.
  • If neither restarting the app nor restarting the computer fix the issue, there are a series of settings to check:
    • your system sound preferences, 
    • your headset connection. 
      • if you have access to another headset, try a different headset 
      • turn off any other apps, especially the ones that might also try to use the mic.

How to Troubleshoot Network Issues

You can also conduct a network performance test with our calling partner, Twilio, here: and share the results with our Support team.

What if I have a call quality issue but don’t see the CQI?

You may have a call that doesn’t sound quite right. In that case, you should flag the call so the team can investigate. To learn about how to report a call, see
You can also diagnose and fix many issues directly. To learn more, see