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In, Opportunities help your team identify and keep track of what deals are on the verge of closing. Any opportunity that is added to a lead becomes visible on the "Opportunities" screen to give your team a high-level view at the total pipeline.

Creating An Opportunity

On the lead screen, you can create an opportunity by clicking the "add" button in the Opportunity section to the left:

Opportunity Field Meanings:

  • Status: Defaults are 'Active', 'Won', 'Lost' and 'On Hold'. You can add custom opportunity statuses in your Organization Settings.
  • Confidence: The confidence level of which the user expects the deal to happen. The confidence level is a variable that calculates "Expected Value" revenue on the Opportunities screen. Expected Value is calculated by multiplying Value X Confidence (ex: $1,000 value X 75% confidence = $750 value).
  • Value: Choose from one-time or a monthly value for recurring revenue.
  • Estimated Close: Estimated close date, the chosen date will be displayed/compiled into a weekly view in the Opportunities screen.
  • User: The user who is creating the task, and/or is responsible for it.
  • Comments: Any additional context about the opportunity, comments will be displayed on the Opportunities screen.