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Group numbers

A group phone number (also known as a "ring group") defines a phone number that, when dialed, rings a group of phones simultaneously, stopping when any one of them is picked up. This feature can be a great tool if your team has a shared inbound phone number, such as a toll-free number routed to all of your sales reps. supports the ability for any of your users to participate in one or many group numbers. However, all the participants must be on the Business plan or higher. Group numbers must be set up by our support team as they require advanced configuration. Please reach out to our support team via email:

Members of a group number can choose to set their caller ID for outgoing calls to be either their personal phone number or the group number. Learn more about caller ID.

To see your organization's existing group numbers, click on your name and go to the "Settings" > "Your Phone Settings" page.

Group Number inbox notifications

When missed call, voicemail, and SMS inbox notifications are connected to a group number, the notification will be cleared when anyone in the group calls or messages the contact back.